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4 Office Management Tips For Tradies

Posted by NextMinute on Mar 19, 2019 9:34:00 AM

When you run a small trade business, you have to juggle multiple tasks at a time.

Not only do you have to assume the role of a business owner, but you also have to be an accountant, a salesman, and an office manager.

Some of these roles might not be an area of expertise or passion for you, but hey, a tradie's got to do what they've got to do.

Having said that, let's jump into the top 4 office management tips for tradies.

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Topics: Management

Why Your Customers Choose (or Reject) You

Posted by NextMinute on Mar 11, 2019 9:34:24 AM

Ever wondered why your competitor got the project that you could have done way better?

Running a trade business can be exhausting sometimes and it's likely that you don't have time to read books on consumer behaviour and psychology.

However, it's necessary that you understand what makes your customers tick - why they buy (or don't buy) from you.

Let's understand the 5 most important factors that can drive customers towards (or away from) you.

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Topics: Marketing, Customers

Getting The Most Out of Contractors (Tips For Tradies)

Posted by NextMinute on Feb 27, 2019 10:43:00 AM

Let's say you have got a construction project on the go, but the project scope also includes landscape design, which is not really your area of expertise.

Hiring a permanent employee for a short-term or one-off project doesn't make sense, but that's when contractors can add real value.

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Topics: Employee, Hiring, Staffing, Contractor

The 6 Golden Rules for Managing Trade Staff

Posted by NextMinute on Feb 23, 2019 10:39:00 AM

Running a trade business can be tiring sometimes.

Not only do you have to meet the clients' expectations to reduce clashes, but you also have to do all the paperwork, admin tasks and manage your trade staff, who could be at different locations.

But the question is: can you handle the jandal?

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Topics: Employee, Job Management, Time Management, Management

Tradies - How To Show Off Your Best Work?

Posted by NextMinute on Feb 20, 2019 5:30:00 PM

When it comes to promoting your trade business, are you doing what every other tradie is doing?

Of course, word-of-mouth, a well designed website, and social media marketing are good.  But we're about to walk the extra mile, mate!
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Topics: Marketing, Customers, Small Business

5 Things To Know When Hiring An Apprentice

Posted by NextMinute on Feb 9, 2019 5:39:00 PM

If you run a trade business, you’re more likely to come across the term ‘apprentice’.

Indeed, you’re shaping the future of this country by training the eager juniors into competent professionals.

Not to mention, you’ll also have some extra help with lesser costs.

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Topics: Staff, Employee, Hiring

How to Market Your Trade Businesses

Posted by NextMinute on Feb 5, 2019 5:01:01 PM


Most people are certain that they know these two things: how to beat someone in boxing and how to market their business.

But you only realise your strengths and weaknesses once you’re in the ring.

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Topics: Marketing, Customers

Take Back Your Time: 4 Quickfire Tips for Small Businesses Managing Paperwork

Posted by NextMinute on Feb 2, 2019 2:42:00 PM


Your small trades business is up and running, you’ve got a decent number of employees working for you and business is growing steadily – but as your business grows, so do the demands of everyday paperwork and admin tasks.

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Topics: Admin, Employee, Job Management

Does Your Business Stand Out? How to Beat the Competition

Posted by NextMinute on Jan 31, 2019 2:33:41 PM


In a competitive marketplace where there is an abundance of trade companies for customers to sift through and choose from,  standing out in a crowd can be a difficult task to broach.

If you want your business to do well, you want to get new customers both organically and through generated leads, and be good at this.  As a start point it’s important to take a little time to figure out what your point of difference is.

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Topics: Marketing, Job Management

How to Minimise Clashes with Customers [7 Tips for Tradies]

Posted by NextMinute on Jan 9, 2019 12:57:18 PM

Here's the scene; you get a job, awesome. But before you know it the honeymoon is over and you're butting heads with your customer.  Things are not quite going to plan and the relationship is becoming strained.  This is not good for anyone, right?

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Topics: Admin, Customers, Job Management